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Gun Rights Organizations

National Rifle Association  www.nra.org

Gun Owners of America  www.gunowners.org

South Carolina GrassRoots GunRights  www.scfirearms.org

Concealed Carry Information

SC State Law Enforcement Division  

HandgunLaw.us  www.handgunlaw.us

Steven P. Wenger Defensive Use of Firearms  www.spw-duf.info
I have been a subscriber of Steven's daily e-mail for several years. While he is not as adamant about getting the e-mail out every day as he was before retirement, he offers news with insightful comment. The information on his site is sound. I highly recommend visiting his site and purchasing his book. (True recommendation. I receive no compensation from him.) 

Concealed Carry News and Discussion www.cconly.net

Gun Shows

South Carolina Arms Collectors Assoc. www.scaca.net

North American Hunter

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