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      The National Rifle Association is THE internationaly recognized leader in firearm education. The main reason behind the founding of the NRA in1873 was to promote basic marksmanship in the general population. Of course, great emphasis was put on gun safety as well. Perhaps the efforts of the NRA are due at least partial credit for the steady decline in gun accidents since record keeping began in 1903.

      As a Certified Instructor, Training Counselor, and Chief Range Safety Officer, Sam Shock can provide nearly every course available through the NRA. Below is a list and brief description of each one.

Please see the Class Schedule page for class dates and cost. For more information, email sam@carolinashooter.com or phone 864-444-2931.
Instructor classes are being planned for late Winter or early Spring.

NRA Instructor Rifle Shooting Course

NRA Instructor Pistol Shooting Course

NRA Instructor Shotgun Shooting Course

NRA Home Firearm Safety Instructor Course

NRA Instructor Personal Protection In The Home Course

NRA Instructor Personal Protection Outside The Home Course

NRA Instructor Metallic Cartridge Reloading Course

NRA Instructor Shotgun Shell Reloading Course

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